Sunday, September 26, 2010

Teagan's Birthday - Jump For Joy

Clayton and Kristy had Teagan's 4th birthday party at Jump for Joy this weekend.  It was our first time there and everyone loved it.  The kids all had a blast, especially Holland.  She wore Kirk and Kristy out having them slide and go through the bouncy things with her.  At one point, Kirk stopped to take his heart rate.  He was exhausted!  Kirk did tell me next time we go to Jump for Joy, I better not be pregnant so I would have to take half of the play duty.  :)  Here are some action pictures. 

We had a great day!  We bought a new smaller Christmas tree and ate lunch at El Diablo before going to Jump for Joy.  Holland had a wonderful day and was exhausted!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pioneer Reunion 2010

It's that time again...... Clay County Pioneer Reunion week.  Parades, rodeos, BBQ dinners, tons of horses, glitter, etc.  This year Holland and I went to the rodeos on Friday and Saturday nights.  Holland did good other than not wanting to take any photos.  She wanted to get to the arena and see all the people and horses.  I helped the Klein family serve BBQ to the registered Pioneers on Friday and Saturday.  Close to 500 Pioneers came through each day.  It's amazing how many people can get seated and served in such a short time.  The Klein family does an awesome job planning, organizing, and decorating and I love to help and give back to the Pioneers. 

Here is Holland before the Friday night rodeo. 

On Saturday night, Sara and Molly came with us.  Molly and Holland had a good time together. They shared snacks, sat together, and enjoyed the rodeo. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Texas A&M Game

Mom, Holland, and I went to College Station to watch a Texas A&M game with Kate.  It was so hot and humid, but we still had a great time.  And, A&M won!  They beat Louisiana Tech.  Aunt Kate bought Holland a new cheerleading outfit for this year so Holland was ready to support the Aggies.  Holland did good at the game, she would yell for the Aggies and screamed when they would get a touchdown.  She's a cheerleader in the making. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

3D/4D sonograms of baby

We went to Stork Vision this evening for some sonogram pictures of the baby.  Kirk, Holland, Mom and Mommer all got to go and see the video and pictures being taken.  The baby moved a lot, sucked it's thumb, yawned, winked, stuck it's tongue out, and even turned it's back to us to make sure we didn't see the gender of the baby!  Sooo shy!  The bottom picture caught the baby with one eye open. :)

Blanket from Molly

Sara and Molly made Holland a beautiful blanket with her name on it.  It was so sweet and thoughful of them and Holland loved it!  She got the blanket and her nap mat we had ordered over a month ago in on the same day and she couldn't wait to lay down with them both.  :)
Thank you Sara and Molly!! :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

River Bend Science Saturday

It's Labor Day weekend, Kate is home from A&M, and River Bend's Science Saturday has started back up for the school year.  Mom, Kate, Holland and I went shopping, ate lunch, and then went to River Bend to pay for our membership and go through Science Saturday.  Today's lesson was "What's in the pond?" and the kids all loved it.  Since it was our first time to River Bend, we went through the butterfly exhibit and checked everything out.  It was great having Aunt Kate to show and teach Holland all the neat stuff since she has her PhD in BioChemistry.  Mom and I got to hang back and relax a little. :)