Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

What a beautiful day! Kirk had to work so Holland and I went to church with Mom. It was a beautiful Easter service. Holland's newest book is "The Story of Easter" and it's really written on a child's level. It has beautiful illustrations and child like writing for the story. We read it to Holland and she really enjoyed it.

I used to have a wind up toy record player I loved to play with. Over Spring Break, Mom and Kate found that old wind up record player. Mom ordered another one for us to have at home for Holland and some extra records to play on them. Holland loved it! Probably as much as I used to.

We had Easter dinner and an egg hunt over at Mom's. Holland had so much fun! She had her first egg hunt and really did good. She even got the prize egg!

Holland's first homemade strawberry shortcake and she did not want to share! :) lol