Saturday, June 30, 2012

All about the girls

Holland's swing set/playhouse is finally put together.  Kirk had to bring in dirt and work on leveling the yard before it could be set up.  The girls love it!  Holland wants to sell lemonade out of it.  Too bad it's been over 100 degrees this week so they have only played on it one afternoon.  

Britton has out grown the high chair.  She has been dying to sit at the table with Holland so this weekend, she was moved out of the high chair and into the booster seat at the table with Holland.  Britton felt like such a big girl.  At 19 months, she's feeding herself with a fork and trying to grow up way too fast.  My girls love their toasted bagels with peanut butter and jelly.  I can call them my girls when it comes to peanut butter since their daddy can't stand peanut butter. :) 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jump 4 Joy...... Holland's turning 4!

Holland celebrated her 4th birthday at Jump for Joy. We used her favorite thing, Hello Kitty, as her theme. Holland and the kids had a blast playing! She had so much fun with her family and friends.

After an hour of playing, it was time for cake. Holland asked about the candles on her cake all morning.  She wanted to make sure she was getting four candles to blow out.  So, when it came time for cake, Holland couldn't wait to blow out the candles and blew them out before we could start singing "Happy Birthday" to her.  They were nice enough to relight her candles so she could blow them out again after the song. 

After eating cake, Holland couldn't wait to sit in the big chair to open her gifts.  Holland received so much nice stuff from family and friends.  Lots of clothes, toys, money, books, and we got her a wood gym/swing set. 

Finally, she got to put her hand print up on the wall.  She chose purple paint, which is totally out of character for her.

On the drive home, Britton passed out and Holland asked if she was four years old now.  We had to explain that her official birthday isn't until the 19th and that we just celebrated her birthday today. Why do kids want to grow up too fast!?!  I still can't believe she is four in a few days! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New windows

We love our living room window so much that we decided to get the rest of the windows replaced. The windows were very old and weren't energy efficient at all. Kirk said that when the kitchen window was being taken out, one whole side was stuff with rags to try to seal it. That's insane! It's amazing how much road noise is blocked out with new windows. We used to be able to lay in bed and tell exactly what type of vehicle was driving by.... motorcycle, truck, semi, etc. Now, I can't hear a thing drive by the house. We love it! I can't wait to see if our energy bill will be reduced. So, here are before and after pictures.  Ignore the landscaping ..............  we are currently working on that project.

And more dinosaurs

As we get back from Glen Rose, we see that dinosaurs are coming to WF.  Holland was really excited.  Our Saturday started out at the Farmers Market.  They were celebrating Blackberry Day, so they were handing out free samples of blackberry cobbler.  Kirk and the girls loved it.  We bought some blackberries for GaGa to make us a blackberry cobbler.  And, I bought new potatoes and made roasted rosemary chicken and potatoes for supper.  The people there were so nice.  Holland got to plant a watermelon seed and bring it home.  I hope it grows for her.  After leaving the Farmers Market, we went over to the Dinosaur exhibit at the MPEC.  We all had a good time.  Thankfully for Kirk and I, it was indoors and air conditioned.  Holland loved pushing the buttons to make the dinosaurs roar and move while Britton loved to see the dinosaurs move.  Holland did the mine excavation and putt-putt with Kirk.  I didn't have one single picture of the girls looking at the camera at the same time.  I guess they both were very distracted.