Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our little ham.....

Britton is such a little ham!  She loves to sing, dance, and mimic anything she can.  This is Britton's rendition of Moves Like Jagger. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

12 months, 13 months, almost 14 months!

Britton had her 1 year check up at the end of November.  She weighed in at 23 pounds and 1 ounce, which is in the 75th percentile.  Her height was 29.75 inches, which is also in the 75th percentile.  She got 3 shots and screamed for a few seconds, then gave the nurse a dirty look. 

Britton can be very sassy and very mischievous.  If she gets caught doing something she shouldn't, she will try to escape before we can catch her.  Or, when she is told 'no', she screams and cries like you had beat her, even though you haven't even touched her.  Britton is very good with her hands.  She can already put her shape blocks through their respective openings.  She loves bath time and squeals 'bubble bath' when we are getting her undressed for her bath.  Britton gets out her bath toys and will put them back up when bath time is over.  At 12 months old, Britton only had 4 teeth, but now she has 6.  I think the next 2 are just about to come in.  She walks very well, but loves to be carried.  Britton hates to wear hair clips or bows, and will pull her bangs into her eyes.  Britton already has a great sense of humor.  She will do something crazy and will laugh so hard.  Britton dances (just like Holland), and sings all the time.  Anything on the radio, she will hum or sing along while dancing.  She even sings 'laaaaaaaaa la la la la la' with The Fresh Beat Band!  Too cute!  Britton isn't saying as many words as Holland did at this age.  I know I'm not supposed to compare them.  Holland spoke more, but Britton has a better temperament and motor skills.  So, they may be different, but they are both wonderful!  Britton will say mama, dada, gaga, nana, bubble bath, bye bye, and babbles all the time.  She will blow kisses, wave, and help take off her clothes.  Hmmm............... I'm sure I will think of other stuff that makes her the best baby ever, but I guess this will do and get me caught up for now.

Yes.............. I remembered something.  Britton LOVES to eat anything and everything!  I think if she could eat all day long, she would.  She says, 'bite' every time for a bite of any of our food or her food.