Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 month photos

We went to Dixie's yesterday for Britton's 3 month photos.  We didn't have any outfits picked out, just took some hats with flowers, bloomers, and a skirt.  Britton was fabulous!  It was like she was posing for some of the pictures.  Britton has the prettiest eyelashes.  They are so dainty.  I have to say Dixie is fabulous!  We all love her!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

3 months old

Britton is three months old!  She is doing so good.  Britton is so happy all the time and is gaining weight like a champ.  We put her in the bumbo seat today for the first time.  She sat there and just took everything in.  What is crazy is that we had this bumbo seat for Holland when she was a baby, but Holland hated it.  The first time we sat Holland in it, she cried and maneuvered herself out it.  We tried a few weeks later on, and she was able to get herself out of it immediately. Britton got more use out of it today than Holland did the whole time she was a baby.  Britton laughs and actually said "momma" the other night.  It wasn't intentional but it shocked us to hear her say that. 


I've gotten into a cooking rut and am making a valiant effort to get out of it.  Every weekend, we are going to try a new recipe and hopefully keep that recipe in our rotation of meals.  We technically started last weekend when I cooked smothered steak, but this weekend we really kicked things off with two new recipes.  We made pizza puffs for lunch and tavern chicken with cellentani (pasta) alfredo.  A shout out to for the recipes and to Anne M. for telling people about the site.  We loved the meals!!

Tutus... tutus.... and more tutus!

We had dance class this week and Holland wore the tutu I made.  After long discussion and contemplation, Sara instructed me on how to make a tutu.  I made Holland and Molly both a brown and pink tutu and they turned out pretty cute.  Molly was sick this week so she couldn't make it to dance.  Holland was sad that Molly wasn't going to be at dance class.  Next week, I think the girls will wear the black with white polka dots with black/white zebra flower tutu Sara made.  The next tutu I make will be black, white, and hot pink. 

CRC Jewelry Party

A high school friend of mine owns Cadillac Ranch Creations and has Ladies Night Out jewelry parties.  A group of us wanted to make our own necklaces so we scheduled a party for last night.  We had a great time!  We showed up, picked out our beads, strung them up and then Anita helps put the clasp on.  We already have our monthly party scheduled for March.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  Holland was very excited to go to school today for her Valentine's Party.  We made Valentines and goody bags for all the kids.  The kids had a great time!  After the party, Holland and I went shopping for her flower girl dress for Aunt Kate's wedding.  Holland had a blast trying on the dresses.

Visit from Mommer

Mommer came over Saturday afternoon to visit and get out of the house.  The girls were so happy to see her.  Britton was awake the whole time Mommer was over to visit.

When I was a baby, I NEVER took a bottle or pacifier.  By six months old, I was on a sippy cup.  I would also suck my tongue (tongue thruster) instead of sucking my thumb.  Well.......... Britton is taking after her momma because she sucks her tongue.  She was doing so when this picture was taken, granted you can't tell.  Britton is too cute!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

I love snow days!  We went out to feed cattle, made snow ice cream and let Holland play.  She had a blast and really enjoyed her ladybug rain boots.  It is very cold and the wind is brutal.  Today's high was 15 degrees with a wind child of -9 degrees.  Tonight it's supposed to get down to 8 degrees with a wind chill of -20 degrees.  That's insane for Texas!  We are so thankful to have Kirk's new 4 wheel drive truck. We got around town with no trouble.  Check out Holland throwing a snowball.  :)