Saturday, July 28, 2012

Farmers Market

Kirk and I have been working with the girls to try new and different foods this summer.  We went to the Farmers Market several Saturday mornings, went to the Peach Festival, and Kirk has made a lot of different recipes for the girls to try.  Here are the girls at the Peach Festival.  It was hot that day!  The girls weren't too happy about the heat. 

We took the girls to the Saturday Farmers Market days in WF.  Holland loved picking out fruits/veggies and paying for them.  Britton loved eating everything they had to offer.  Here she is eating black eyed peas.
Kirk made several different recipes for the girls, including things like chicken croquettes and spinach quesadillas.  Kirk and I learned that Holland is a little picky, luckily not as bad as me, and Britton eats anything and everything.