Sunday, April 12, 2015

Couch to 5K

Last summer when we moved in with Mom, I started the couch to 5K plan.  I was so out of shape but really loved getting out and getting back to running.  I was a runner in high school and loved it.  Something about being out and letting your mind go free was something I was needing.  I totally enjoyed it!  After finishing the training schedule it was time to sign up for 5Ks.  First up was ROC the Falls.  Cousin Kristy ran it with me.  It was a mud/obstacle 5K and we loved it!

Next up was the Glow Run 5K.  Kristy ran with me and Kirk got to participate in this one but had to walk. He had a stress fracture during the summer and couldn't train and was on crutches for weeks. 

The very next night Kristy, George (my best friend and C25K training buddy), and I ran the Zombie 5K.  Creepy!!!

Kristy and I ran the Color Run 5K and it was a blast!  Can't wait to do this one again!!

I was wanting to push myself so George and I signed up for the Holiday Hustle 10K.  Yeah, I'm really a 5K kind of girl.

After being sick a bit and taking a few months off, it was time to get back to running.  Next up was the Pole to Pole 5K in San Diego.  This was a family affair.  Holland did great running.  Britton just wasn't feeling it.  She's more of a let me be carried kind of girl.

The next 5K was T.H.O.R obstacle/mud run.  It was really awesome!  Kristy, Kirk and I ran together as a group.  George ran in an earlier heat.  I didn't get really muddy, but it was really fun and cold!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter, Easter, and more Easter

Easter this year was on steroids or so it seemed to be to Kirk and I.  I think we had 6 egg hunts to attend.  I was in charge of Holland's class and school wide egg hunt and that was insane getting ready for it.  First up was the church egg hunt.  Family, friends, and good fun!

Britton had a class Easter party and egg hunt.  She just loves to party. :)

Next up, Holland's class party.  I was Room Mom for this one and organized it.  Hopefully the kids had fun!

So now on to the PTCO Egg Hunt.  I remember this when I was a kid and thought it was time to bring it back.  Well I should never sign up for stuff like this as I go crazy trying to plan it all.  4,000+ eggs later and it was a success!  The kids loved it!  This doesn't look like over 4,000 eggs but it is.  And probably about 99% of them we had to stuff.  

Easter Sunday!

Easter lunch and egg hunt with the Jentsches

Easter supper and egg hunt with the Holland Family!

And of course we made our Sugar Eggs this year!