Saturday, August 31, 2013

Gig 'em Aggies!

At last minute, we bought Texas A&M football tickets to their season opener against Rice.  We loaded up early in the morning, watched the game at noon, ate at Freebirds, and then headed home.  Long day!  At the game, the first half Johnny Manziel didn't play because of a NCAA punishment, but when he came on the field for the second half, the crowds went crazy.  Everyone was chanting "Johnny" and it was amazing.  It got up to 103 degrees while we were at the game.  It was steamy hot, but that was ok.  We were on the 5th row and got to walk on the field to get to our seats.  Way cool!  TAMU ended up winning 52-31, whoop!



Monday, August 26, 2013

Holland's 1st day of Kindergarten!

Holland started Kindergarten today!  I'm so proud and sad.  She has practiced her writing, coloring, and math skills during the summer, so she can't wait to go to school.  At Meet The Teacher, we found out 4-5 people I went to school with had kids in her class.  Hopefully she will make friends very fast.  Holland's teacher gave all the kids a card with a poem she wrote and some magic confetti to help them sleep the night before school.  Last night, we read the card, sprinkled the confetti under Holland's pillow and when she woke up this morning, she was reciting some of the poem.  Too cute!  Holland did great going to the morning assembly then to her class.  She didn't cry or even flinch when it was time for us parents (mother hens) to leave.  Now, I can't say the same for Britton or I.  We both cried!

When we left, Holland had just moved her name to brought your lunch side.  She loved it!
Kirk, Britton, and I all picked up Holland.  She was super excited and said she had a great day!  Then, we were off to DQ for our traditional first day of school ice cream.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Britton's 1st day of school

Britton is now in school!  How is it that these little girls are growing up so fast!?!  Britton has started the 2-day 2-year old program.  I was so worried about her going to school, but she did great.  Britton is our shy but bossy one.  Don't ask me how that combo came about, but if she doesn't know you, she will hide behind Kirk or I.  But if she does know you, she tells you and every person/animal in the room what to do.  It's hilarious listening to her tell all her stuffed animals and Mom's dogs what to do.  Her first day of school went well.  She couldn't wait to load up in the car, wanted to wear her backpack, and couldn't wait to get into her classroom.  After school, we went for our traditional ice cream snack.  Yum!!!