Thursday, August 27, 2009

New stuff

Holland's new chair arrived today. It's so cute and so comfy! As soon as Kirk got the chair and ottoman out of the box, Holland immediately took over. Here she is enjoying her new chair. :)

Kirk and I had bought this rocking cow back when Holland was born, but just now got it out for her to play with. She gets on and off by herself, but her legs don't touch down enough to rock herself a lot.

I got some new shoes yesterday that click every time I walk on tile. Well, Holland loves the sound. As soon as I took them off today, she put them on and walked over to the tile to make the clicking sound.

For all of those that love to see Holland dance, here is a new one. I can't believe how fast she can move that tushy!!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cousin Catherine's baby shower

Yesterday I helped host a baby shower for our cousin Catherine. Her baby boy is due October 28th. I think it was a great shower. She received a lot of great stuff and good fun was had by all. Here is Catherine and at 7.5 months doesn't even look pregnant and Cousin Janna, who is also pregnant due November 15th.

We gave Catherine the baby bathtub filled with all kinds of good stuff for bathtime.

In the center is the Grandpa to be and in the back on the left is the Daddy to be, Danny, with Kirk.

Holland came with Kirk and found the steps immediately. She loves to climb and we had to tell her no, and she wasn't too pleased with that.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

14 months old

Holland turns 14 months old on the 19th and is as active as possible. Her newest words are ball, Brady (Christia's son), Piwi, Pru (Mom's dog), teddy bear, ear, shoe, more, horsey and she will sing "e-i-e-i-o" with me and her Old McDonald farm toys. We can tell Holland "bring me the shoes" and she will go get our shoes. We can ask, "where is your drink?" and she will go get her drink. When we ask, "where is my ear?" she will pull on one ear, turn your head, and pull on your other ear. Too cute! She has started putting on one of our shoes and walking in it as seen in this picture.

I took Holland shopping today for some new boots. She did not want to try them on in the store, but once we got home, got some socks on her, she loved making laps through the house. I just love the total outfit, Ralph Lauren dress and John Deere boots! :) Holland loves for Daddy to roll her on my workout ball. Looks like fun!

Holland has started getting on her riding toys all by herself. She will even stand on the seat if we don't watch her.

Holland is growing like a weed and doing great.

Holland's new pool

Holland and I went to Walmart today and I made an impulse purchase, a little kiddie pool. It's very cute and has a complete canopy over it. It was half price, so we had to buy it. Kirk aired it up and Holland enjoyed playing in it. Pru, Mom's dog, was over visiting and wanted to play, too. Here is Holland enjoying her new pool.

While at Walmart we saw Rita and Katie. It was great to see you both and you're in my prayers.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Holland loves music

The other night, I played Bennie and the Jets again for Holland just for Kirk to see her reaction. As soon as the song started, she came running over to the computer and started dancing, stomping, laughing, screaming "Bennie," and wanting to play the piano with Elton John. Holland is so funny! She loves music and dancing! Here is one of the many vidoes I got during that dance session.

K9 dog - Piwi

Kirk got back from K9 school last weekend with Piwi, a belgian malinois who will be 2 years old in October. Piwi is trained to snif/find all types of drugs, but is not an attack dog. He interacts great with Holland and me, which I'm so thankful for. He's trained in czech, so I'm trying to learn a few words to interact with him better. Piwi was sworn in this week with the Sheriff's Office and is now out working hard. Here is a picture of Kirk and Piwi getting sworn in.