Saturday, May 8, 2010

Simmons Petting Farm

A good friend from work, Scott, has a farm that has cows, goats, mini horses, a llama, a donkey, and some chickens. I had been wanting to take Holland out there for awhile but it didn't work out until yesterday. Kirk brought Holland over to me at work and then we went over to the Simmons Farm. She knew all of the animals, and would call out what they were when she was around them. Holland is around cattle a lot, so the cows didn't thrill her much. She first chased the chickens and they ran off.
Scott put Holland up on the donkey, named Sawyer. Too bad Scott, got you in the photo! :)

This is Hershey, the llama, smelling Holland's hair. He's weird about smelling peoples faces and hair. He has the softest nose. So squishy! He just got shaved a week or so ago.

Holland loved the goats! She wanted to chase them all over. One of the goats stood still for Holland to pet her.
She found the ball the horses play with and then carried it everywhere. She knew what the horses were even being mini horses. When she picked up the shovel, I thought she wanted to help Scott clean up the pens. Then she saw the goats and started running after them again.
Scott took Holland into the chicken coop to collect the eggs for the day. I was worried about this part figuring that Holland would squish an egg in her hands. Instead, she dropped one. Sorry Scott!

Thank you Scott for letting Holland come chase your farm animals! We had fun! Holland and I went to Home Depot for some Mother's Day shopping for Mommer and then ate at Taco Bueno. Yesterday evening was really a first for Holland and I. Our own little Mother/Daughter afternoon out by ourselves. Needless to say, I was exhausted.

Girly girl!

Last Sunday, Holland and I were going to get ready for church. We went in to Holland's room and I had already picked out her outfit and she says "no." She proceeds to run to her closet and pull out a rainbow sundress. Then she says, "hair bow, shoes." I got both items and we went over to the changing table. After being dressed, Holland says, "brush hair, brush teeth." We go to the bathroom and finish getting ready. Then she runs into the living room and runs over to my camera bag. She then says, "I pretty, take picture." Then poses!