Monday, March 16, 2015

San Diego

San Diego...... a whale's ???... in the words of Ron Burgandy or as Kirk says every time someone says San Diego.  We went to Cali to visit my sister who is stationed out there.  We only had 4 days but we made the most of it.  Day 1 consisted of flights and seeing MCRD.  That is the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.  It was exactly 15 years to the day that Kirk first stepped foot on to MCRD and we had to go check it out.  It's amazing it's been 15 years since he enlisted and was an active duty Marine.  Here is Kirk at the parade deck.  Only Marines in uniform can step foot on it.  It's huge!  Like several football fields long.

We checked into our hotel and then went over to visit Kate and the family.  The kids played and it was so awesome to see Ella crawling!  The next morning we went to the San Diego Zoo.  The kids loved it! 

After the Zoo, we headed over to Point Loma.  Saw the tide pools and walked around.  It's amazing!

Day 3 consisted of going to check out all the Navy ships and Kirk got to see one of his Marine buddies, Cory.  It was like old times for these two!  Part of the tour of this ship was the kids got to answer questions and at the end receive their wings.  It was so cute.  The girls were hot and tired but yet finished with a salute. 

Kirk went with Cory to see some sites and catch up.  The girls and I went with Kate and her family to the Navy beach.  Girls played for hours.  I got to sit on the beach and relax.  It was awesome!

Day 4 was our last day and yet it was the most amazing day!  All 8 of us did the Pole to Pole 5K at Sea World San Diego.  It was so much fun!  We ran the 5K in Sea World and they brought some animals out along the path.  Way fun!  #familyselfie

And now the coolest part!  They had a penguin out for us to see after the run.  This is why I wanted to do the run!  When I saw this little lady, #148 (her name is a number), I was so excited the penguin handler asked me why I was so excited to see this little girl?  I told him that I absolutely love penguins and the opportunity to see one this close was why we scheduled our trip from Texas out to San Diego around this 5K.  He was so nice that he asked me if I wanted to pet or hold a penguin and I of course screamed yes!  15 minutes later our group of 8 were inside the penguin enclosure and I was holding a penguin! Words can't describe how happy I was.  I cried afterwards.  It was an amazing moment in my life.  I just love love love penguins!!!

Bucketlist item checked off!  I LOVE penguins!