Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rough Creek, giraffes, and dinosaurs... oh my!

After picking Holland up from her last day of school, we headed down to Glen Rose. I found this wonderful resort called Rough Creek Lodge and Resort. It's absolutely fabulous! It's where luxury meets country tranquility. We can't wait to go back! There is so much to do at this resort.... fossil digging, zip line, rock wall climbing, pool with lazy river, shooting, archery, golf driving range, hunting, fishing, spa, horse riding, ATV riding, and more. When we checked in, we received a welcome goody bag that contained fruit, candy, Barbie kites for the girls, and they even had room keys made for the girls with their names on them. Too cute! The restaurant has the best food.  Me being a picky eater figured there wouldn't be much for me to eat, but there was always something. The steak and burgers were the juiciest we've ever had, the desserts were like a work of art, the breakfast buffet was amazing, and the staff were the nicest and most helpful people you'll ever meet. The "go-to" guy, Larry, was the sweetest guy. When it was time for us to check out and leave, he hugged me like we were two old friends saying good-bye.

On the drive into Rough Creek.

View from our balcony.

So, we got there Thursday night and had dinner reservations. Dinner was over one and a half hours long and was three courses that were to die for. The girls did great sitting there for that long. Here they are before dinner.

After dinner, we walked around the property and checked everything out. 

On Friday, we did Rough Creek things.  Kirk golfed and rock wall climbed.  We took the girls to dig for fossils, to the petting zoo, jumped on the trampolines, and swimming. 

After cleaning up from swimming, we went into Glen Rose for ice cream and to find my great-great-grandfathers home.  A local lawyer has purchased the home and has restored it.  It was amazing to find the home and see how cool it was back in 1881. 

Saturday morning we checked out of Rough Creek and headed to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. You drive through the 30 mile wildlife center and get to feed the animals.  Half way through the drive you get to the top of one hill and there is a restaurant, petting zoo, and souvenir shop.  Holland loved the animals but Britton didn't like riding in the truck the whole time.  Apparently a fly landed on her leg and freaked her out so she would panic anytime she saw a bug.  She is my daughter, for sure. 

After Fossil Rim, we headed over to Dinosaur World.  Holland has been wanting to see the dinosaurs forever.  She watches Dino Dan all the time and has a dinosaur book she refers back to.  Her favorite is the T-Rex.  She was like a kid in the candy store at Dinosaur World.  While you're there you walk through the Dinosaur displays, feed the fish, and then go for a fossil dig. 

Next on our list of things to do is go to the Dinosaur Valley State Park.  There you can see real dinosaur tracks and play in the water where the tracks are.  Holland loved getting in the water because the little fish nibbled on her toes.  I kept Britton up in the shade with me. 

Overall, it was a great trip and we all had a wonderful time. :) 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bye-bye 3 year olds.......

Thursday was Holland's last day of her 3 year old WCS class. Mrs. Wade has been awesome and Holland loves her so much. I worry about next year when Holland doesn't have Mrs. Wade. Holland had her for her 2 and 3 year old classes, so next year will be very different. Holland did really well in her class this year. She has matured and learned a lot. The award Holland received this year is for her contagious smiles and hugs and happiness. :)

Chillin' before the awards......

With Mrs. Wade after certificates.

Holland with her best friend from class, Lakyn. Apparently every day at school, these two would immediately greet each other with a hug and compliment each other on their outfits.  Total divas!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fishing 101

Kirk took Holland for her first fishing trip with our church today.  Holland was very excited to go fishing.  She's been counting down the days for a week now.  We got her a Disney princess fishing rod to match her Disney princess chair.  It was very windy today, but they did have a good time.  Holland got to play at the playground for a little bit before coming home.  She can't wait to go fishing again! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

18 months

Britton is 18 months old and had her well baby checkup today.  Her weight and height jumped into another percentile this time.  She apparently hit a big growth spurt.  She weighed in at 26 pounds and was 33 inches long, both put her in the 80-85th percentiles now.  Dr. Mike thinks she's doing great.  Her vocabulary is growing every day.  Britton is feisty, though.  She did not want to be at the doctors office and made her voice heard.  Luckily, we didn't have to get any shots this time. Britton is a little diva.  She loves to wear jewelry, rings, and play dress up.  Britton is also going through the phase where she wants to help with chores.  Unfortunately, Holland went through this phase and is already out of it, so now I only have one helper. 

Living room window

I'm finally posting the final picture from the living room renovation.  The window is in and everything else is finished.  We love the new window!