Saturday, December 20, 2014

Girls update

For a quick update on all things girly........ (in month order)

Holland graduated Kindergarten!

Holland turned 6!

 Britton's 1st day of school!

 Holland's 1st day of school!

Both girls were cheerleaders this year.  I even coached their cheer squad.  It was an insane 2 months but the girls loved it.  

The Heartbreakers!

Homecoming 2014.  All the cheerleaders performed at halftime.

Rodeo Time! 

There was no question as to who the girls wanted to be for Halloween........ Elsa and Anna.

Britton turned 4!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Part 2 - Moving and Renovations

Now on to our new house renovations!  We moved in with my Mom on June 1st and we were there until mid-November.  During that time, we pretty much gutted and took down to studs the three bedrooms, master bathroom, and hallway.  All we had planned on doing was remove the paneling and redo the walls.  That led to more and more projects.  See the first picture of taking the bedrooms down to studs.  It was an insane project!  Kirk and his buddy were the ones doing the majority of the work..... until Kirk got a stress fracture behind his knee.  Then we had to hire some guys to come help.  It was a long process but we love it!  It's the house I grew up in.  Love it! 

This is our master bedroom window seat.  We had new foam insulation put in all walls.

We had new windows put in.  Had a good friend who is a master electrician replace all electrical wiring, add new lights, and replace all fixtures.

All new sheet rock.


Must clean before painted and new carpet is put in.


Part 1 - Moving and Renovations

It's been a busy year...... no doubt!  We have a new niece, sold our house, moved in with my Mom, did multiple renovations on 2 homes, and finally moved into a new home.  We were very fortunate to find a buyer for our house.  We didn't list the house or use a realtor, and we sold it immediately.  Once a contract was signed, we renovated a bathroom, moved out, and closed on the house in 12 days.  It was insane!!!  See the before and after pictures of the bathroom renovation.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Snowballs and ice cream!

We had a few snow storms come through this year.  It's been fun missing work and school to play in the snow.  The girls had a blast!

And now snow ice cream........................yum!